Adult Stem Cell Therapy

Animal Stem Cell PRP in Greensboro, NC

Our clinic now offers adult stem cell therapy for pets that may benefit from the treatment. We are very excited to provide this cutting-edge therapy to our patients!  Using MediVet, we can offer in-house stem cell therapy.

Adipose Stem Cell Therapy is a novel treatment which is currently indicated for arthritis, hip dysplasia, joint pain, cartilage damage, ligament damage, and injured tendons. There are many other disease processes which are currently undergoing research for the application of stem cell therapy.

Adult stem cell therapy works by taking stem cells from excess fat, processing them and sterilizing them to eliminate any bacteria, then injecting them back into the patient by intravenous and intraarticular (joint) injection. Only one surgical session is required for the extraction of fat, followed by a brief anesthesia session in early afternoon for joint injections, and your pet goes home the same day! We do require work-up before the day of treatment to verify that your pet is otherwise healthy and stable enough for anesthesia.

Please keep reading to learn about the approved applications for adult stem cell therapy, safety protocols required prior to the stem cell procedure, adipose derived stem cell harvest and protocol, conditions that may disqualify a pet from receiving adult stem cell therapy, and special conditions that may qualify for "rescue" stem cell therapy.

1. Approved applications for Adipose-derived Adult Stem Cell therapy:
  • Osteoarthritis of the hip (dysplasia), knee, shoulder, elbow (dysplasia), and normal cartilage wear confirmed by x-ray or arthroscopy.
  • Partial tears of tendons and ligaments or cartilage damage.
  • Polyarthritis (immune mediated arthritis of multiple joints)

2. Safety protocols for anesthesia and surgical procedures:
  • Pets undergoing stem cell therapy should have a recent physical exam indicating overall good health, current diagnostic x-rays with cancer check of chest and abdomen, complete blood count and chemistry profile, thyroid function test, urinalysis and a negative occult heartworm test with Ehrlichia/Lyme’s. Any abnormalities could adversely affect the outcome and effectiveness of the stem cell treatment.

3. Procedure for Adult Stem Cell Therapy:
  • Your pet is anesthetized using standard procedure, an IV catheter is placed, adipose tissue is harvested from umbilical fat or behind the shoulder, and your pet recovers from anesthesia.
  • Stem cells are concentrated and activated in our own laboratory. Then, after your pet is lightly sedated, your pet’s own stem cells are injected intravenously and into the affected joints to begin the regenerative healing process.

4. Conditions that disqualify a pet from receiving stem cell therapy:
  • Cancer or tumor of unknown origin
  • Active systemic infection (the stem cells given intravenously could be diverted to area of infection instead of the arthritic joints).

5. Current conditions that are under investigation for "Rescue" stem cell therapy:
  • Degenerative neurological disorders, degenerative myelopathy, diabetic neuropathy, spinal cord or nerve damage
  • Any inflammatory organ disease of the heart, liver, kidney, oral cavity of the cat, inflammatory bowel disease, poorly controlled allergic dermatitis. Special needs cases must have approval from the Medivet clinical development program for organ stem cell regeneration therapy.
Want more information?  Please check out these pages: Stem Cell Therapy FAQs and What to Expect during stem cell therapy.

Animal Stem Cell PRP

Animal stem cell PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) therapy is an excellent way to treat animals with tendon, ligament, joint and muscle injuries that typically take a long time to heal. Animal stem cell PRP is an effective healing method because of the release of growth factors.  These growth factors promote natural tissue healing. If you would like to learn more, please give us a call today!

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Spicey's Story

A Letter From Spicey's Mom:
We were told that Spicy would need surgery on both of her knees. Although the surgery is a standard procedure for dogs like Spicy, we were concerned with the amount of discomfort and length of healing that back to back surgeries would entail. Our neighbor led us to Dr. Hunt after reading an article about her use of stem cell therapy in the local newspaper. This therapy has been nothing short of a miracle for Spicy!
Spicy showed immediate improvement; yet, we were told that the stem cells would take six weeks to grow. Sure enough, at six weeks post surgery, it was as if a light switch had been turned on. Spicy was running up and down a full length of stairs - previously we had to hold her to go up two little porch steps. She was running in the yard and playing with our other dog. And, we were thrilled to receive a phone call from a neighbor exclaiming that Spicy had been found swimming in our neighborhood lake and playing with other dogs! She had been too lame to even think about wandering off our property prior to stem cell therapy.
Today, more than a year post stem cell therapy, Spicy continues to thrive. She still runs up and down the stairs and plays with other dogs. She is so much more comfortable and happy. Since we were able to bank additional stem cells from her first treatment, we know that if she ever demonstrates that she is having any pain, we can address it immediately.
Stem cell therapy gave Spicy a new leash on life, and we are so grateful!
Thank you,
Jean Nictakis

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