Vet Clinic Surgery in Greensboro, NC

We'll always make you and your pet feel comfortable during every surgical procedure.

The experienced staff at our pet vet clinic are pleased to offer numerous surgical options for common small animal ailments. All patients receive a pre-anesthetic evaluation to verify that they are healthy enough for surgery; an anesthetic protocol tailored to their specific needs and health; careful perioperative observation; extensive anesthesia monitoring; state-of-the-art surgical procedures; multi-modal pain management; and thorough post-operative therapy to ensure a quick, comfortable recovery.

The surgeries offered include but are not limited to soft tissue and orthopedic procedures such as spay, neuter, stomach tacking for at-risk breeds, mass removal and biopsy, extracapsular cruciate repair, patellar luxation repair, and abdominal exploratory surgery.
Vet Clinic Greensboro, NC

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If your pet is in need of excellent surgical intervention, 

Spay & Neuter Surgery in Greensboro, NC

If you need spay & neuter surgery for your pet, rely on us! We make sure your pet is comfortable and well taken care of while they are worked on. Please contact our receptionists today to schedule a pre-surgical evaluation. Our doctors will be happy to form a surgical plan for your beloved pet.
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