Pet Dentistry, Pain Management, Surgery & More

The veterinarians and staff at our animal vet office are ready to provide your pet with cutting edge veterinary medical care including pet pain management, dental care and much more. From wellness exams and vaccines to advanced diagnostics and complex surgical procedures, your dog, cat or small pet will receive high-quality care at our hospital. Please take a look at some of our pet care services:

We Offer Animal Vaccinations So Your Pet Can Stay Healthy! We Also Provide Puppy Classes/Training By Appointment, Call Today For More Information.

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Standard Services

• Wellness Exams – No matter how old your pet may be, wellness examinations provide an excellent opportunity for our vet clinic staff to conduct a thorough physical examination and develop a health profile for your pet.

• Animal Vaccinations - Our pet clinic can develop a vaccination schedule and ongoing booster routine that takes into consideration your pet’s lifestyle, overall health, risk for exposure to infectious disease, and other factors. For routine animal vaccinations, choose the animal hospital that cares, choose University Animal Hospital of Greensboro LLC!

Pet Dentistry - Dental health shouldn’t be taken for granted. Fortunately, many dental problems can be managed through at-home care and by bringing your pet to our pet dentist for regular checkups and teeth cleanings. We are proud to be the pet dentistry that so many people rely on in Greensboro, NC!

• Parasite Control - Parasites such as fleas, ticks, and mosquitoes can infect your pet with a number of devastating diseases.  Intestinal parasites can have a serious impact on your pet's health.  Let us help keep your pet healthy by preventing heartworm disease, tickborne diseases, and a variety of other infections with regular parasite control.

Pet Boarding - Going away for a while? Leave your pet with us for wonderful care until you return!

Lab and Surgical Services

• Laboratory - Our animal hospital is equipped to provide comprehensive in-house blood work as well as reference lab services.

Surgery - Our staff is highly skilled in performing veterinary surgeries. We go above and beyond for your pet, ensuring he or she receives the utmost care and post-surgery treatment your furry friend deserves. 

Spay/Neuter - If you need your pets to become sterile, we can help and treat your pets gently in the process!
• Ultrasound - We are pleased to offer ultrasound services on a pre-arranged basis as a means of providing a higher level of quality care to our patients.

•Radiology (X-Rays) - Our radiology service is staffed by caring, skilled professionals who will provide state-of-the-art care with compassion and expertise.  We are equipped with high resolution digital radiography for rapid results.

Specialty Services

Adult Stem Cell Therapy - Adipose Stem Cell Therapy is a novel treatment which is currently indicated for arthritis, hip dysplasia, joint pain, cartilage damage, ligament damage, and injured tendons. There are many other disease processes which are currently undergoing research for the application of stem cell therapy.

• House Calls – Our experienced and trustworthy staff with a great deal of medical expertise can come to your home when you need our help. 

• Microchipping - A microchip is a safe, simple form of identification that can significantly increase the chances of you finding your pet if he or she gets lost.

• Pain Management – Our staff will use all our pet pain management skills to help ensure your pet’s comfort, wellbeing, and full recovery.

• Class III Laser Therapy - Laser therapy is an important tool for pet pain management, decreasing inflammation, and wound healing that we are happy to provide!

• Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy - Another excellent tool in our box for treating numerous musculoskeletal ailments.

• Chiropractic Care - Many pets suffer from back pain and discomfort, chiropractic adjustments help to correct some of these problems.
These are simply a sampling of the care, procedures, and options we provide to our valued clients. For a full list of services, please stop in or give us a call. We’d be happy to answer any questions you may have and schedule you for an appointment that fits your busy schedule. Call 336-279-1003 today.

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